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4 min readApr 30, 2024

In the era of the digital world, where software applications are interconnected, APIs are very crucial. If you are reading this, you are probably looking to learn about API Automation tools. API Automation is the process of using testing tools to execute API tests.

API Automation has various benefits that are necessary for the software applications. It will improve the software quality, have faster release cycles, and save much time in testing compared to manual testing.

What are API Automation testing tools?

API automation testing tools are software applications designed to organize and automate the process of testing APIs. These applications will help developers and testers efficiently check the functionality, performance, reliability, and security of APIs.

Manually testing APIs can be time consuming and we might overlook a few things, which will lead to errors when we do it manually. By Automating API tests, you can configure Continues Integration and Continues Delivery pipeline to automatically execute API tests after every code change, which provides immediate feedback. If the test identifies issues then developers can resolve immediately before the code goes into production.

What are the advantages of API Automation tools?

  • Most of the API Automation tools integrate with the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Automation tools can execute a wider range of test scenarios compared to manual testing, in less time.
  • Unlike manual testing, Automation tests can run frequently, enabling developers to identify and fix issues/bugs early in the development life cycle.
  • Automation reduces human error, leading to more practical and reliable test results.
  • Automating repetitive API Tests can save time and resources compared to manual testing.

What are the popular API Automation tools?

There are many API Automation tools available to serve different needs. Few tools are widely used and play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, functionality and performance of APIs. Here are some tools :

  1. Testsigma: Testsigma is a popular Automated API Testing tool and in Testsigma we can do automated testing for Mobile Apps, Web Testing, and API. Testsigma supports Android, IOS, and Windows ensuring larger compatibility across Operating systems for Automated testing. There is NLP Capability in Testsigma ensuring testers can write tests in simple english making the test automation tool accessible for non-technical members too.

Compared to other testing tools, Testsigma offers a unique way of crafting the test conditions in plain English. Additionally, it lets you execute cross-browser and cross-platform Compatibility tests easily, as it readily integrates with most of the available cloud device labs.

Testsigma automation tool is a low code test automation platform that allows testers to create automated tests without much coding knowledge. It can test across multiple browsers ensuring the application performs consistently. It allows testing with multiple datasets, increase test coverage ,and reliability of the application. It is completely cloud-based and supports parallel test execution.

2. Postman : Postman offers free options and pricing tiers as well. There are limitations in free option. In the paid option, we can have unlimited collaborators. It is capable of handling complex tasks and can handle larger workloads.

Postman comes with a wider range of integrations like Jenkins, Github. Few people will notice that postman will have a deep learning curve and for new users it will be difficult in starting days. It will be best for teams already having experience on API Testing.

3. JMeter : JMeter is free and open-source. JMeter is a robust performance testing tool at no cost. It has lots of customizable options, this is fairly easy to learn and the running the test doesn’t require much technical knowledge. It has the ability to read test data from .xlsx files and there is lots of customization with a simple interface.

4. SoapUI : SoapUI is free and open source. It is a completely free beginner’s tool for

API Testing. It is ideal for smaller teams with smaller functional testing needs. It is a great tool for team members who are newer to API Testing with simple interface and don’t have a larger budget.

5. Katalon : Katalon offers free and paid options and a few features are not included in the free subscription like Debugging. It is easy for users to setup and execute automated testing. Katalon is a codeless tool which is very helpful for beginners to API Testing.


We are about to conclude. Let’s have a recap.

In this digital world we are using many applications and here to deliver the best experience to the end user the application should be tested vigorously. In testing, automation plays a major role and it has many advantages for organizations.

There are many API Automation tools available but we need to select a better tool according to our requirements. Testsigma is one of these tools that is rapidly gaining popularity, using Testsigma you can elevate your testing according to your needs and as it supports NLP it will be helpful for the beginners to work on API Automation testing and it supports cross platforms which will be beneficial for collaboration.

We hope you found this article informative.



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