Introducing Testsigma CE: An open source test automation platform for all web, mobile apps & APIs

Bringing standardization to a fragmented testing ecosystem

  • unifying a broken test stack with a single platform,
  • simplifying the end-to-end testing cycle, and
  • enabling teams to test collaboratively.

The Testsigma CE Platform

Write, run & debug at speed

Enable better extensibility

  • Automation actions include methods and utilities like string functions, QR code readers, etc.
  • Data generators range provide instant data for all your tests for different formats and data types.

Manage less, test more

How is Testsigma CE different from other test automation tools/frameworks?

  • A techstack agnostic platform that works for any application or codebase
  • Combines the robustness of closed tools with the flexibility of open source frameworks
  • Sustainable scalability without complex development

How do I get started?

A shout out to our early adopters

Join the Testsigma Community



Testsigma is a completely cloud-based codeless test automation tool that lets you create stable and reliable tests for web, mobile & APIs — all from one place.

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