Required Skills for a QA Automation Engineer

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3 min readNov 22, 2023
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Being a QA Automation Engineer requires a mix of technical and people skills. Let’s break down the technical skills Lisa relies on, but don’t worry, we’ll keep it clear and simple:

Technical Skills:

  1. Programming Proficiency: Speaking Computer’s Language

Think of programming as talking to a computer using its language. Lisa knows how to use programming languages like Python or Java to tell the computer what to do. It’s like giving the computer a set of instructions it can understand and follow.

2. Automation Tools: Using Special Helpers

Just like having tools to fix things around the house, Lisa uses special software tools to make her job easier. These tools, like Selenium or Appium, help her create and run tests automatically. It’s like having a helper to do some tasks for her.

3. Version Control: Keeping Everything Organized

Imagine working on a group project and making changes to a document. Version control is like saving different versions of the document, so you can go back to a previous one if needed. Lisa uses tools like Git to keep track of changes in her test scripts and collaborate smoothly with others.

4. Database Skills: Checking and Double-Checking

A database is like a digital storage space for important information. Lisa knows how to use databases and something called SQL to check if the data is correct. It’s like making sure all the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.

Human Skills:

  1. Analytical Mindset: Solving Puzzles

Imagine solving a puzzle — you look at each piece and figure out where it fits. Lisa does something similar with software. She breaks down complex problems into smaller parts and finds solutions. It’s like solving a puzzle to make sure everything works smoothly.

2. Attention to Detail: Spotting the Small Stuff

Have you ever found a hidden picture in a big drawing? Lisa has a talent for spotting tiny differences in how the software should work versus how it actually works. It’s like finding a hidden picture among lots of other things.

3. Collaborative Attitude: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Working well with others is like being in a team sport. Lisa talks and shares ideas with developers, product managers, and other QA analysts. They work together to make sure the software is the best it can be, just like how a sports team plays to win.

4. Problem-Solving Skills: Fixing Things Creatively

Imagine your toy breaks, and you figure out a way to fix it with something unexpected. Lisa does something similar with software. When she faces challenges, she thinks outside the box to come up with creative solutions. It’s like finding a new way to play with your toys.

Remember, becoming a QA Automation Engineer is like mastering a mix of technical and qa automation skills. Just like learning to play an instrument or joining a team sport, Lisa’s skills keep getting better with practice and learning.



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