Working from home — tips and tricks for the testing community

Maintain continuous team collaboration

Robust and secure infrastructure saves the day

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Video recording not working
  • Screen sharing lags in voice and screen

Meeting tools to have effective global meetings

Keep distraction away from the work area

Tracking the processes to plan better

  • Test planning
  • Test scripts writing
  • Test data creation and management
  • Test versioning, review, and approvals
  • Test case scheduling
  • Test reporting

Maintain professionalism at all cost

  • Dress professionally: Working in a comfortable t-shirt and pyjamas is an advantage of working from home. However, when you have important meetings wearing a formal dress instils a sense of professionalism.
  • Video meetings: Make sure that you attend video meetings on a desk setup and not from anywhere. Also, try to keep background noise as minimum as possible, as we understand in a home we cannot totally avoid it.

Set clear boundaries and expectations for others and yourself

Take breaks and do exercise to keep the spirit high

  • Do not sit for long hours at a stretch, take mini breaks in between to divert your mind from stress and work pressure.
  • Play with kids or pets, it is the easiest mood refresher.
  • Exercise or take small walks, releases endorphins in the body and makes you feel happy and good.
  • If you have a hobby, practice that in your mini-break, such as playing a musical instrument, singing, cooking a quick snack, etc.




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